Do You Know...
  • About the Affordable Care Act?

    Watch this short video about the Affordable Care Act. Learn about health insurance coverage options and your local community health center.

  • About Starting a Health Center?

    Learn more about health center governance and what it takes to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or community health center (CHC).

  • About Exhibitor & Sponosrship?

    At each conference, IPHCA’s main focus with regard to sponsors and exhibitors is to provide valuable networking opportunities with IPHCA members for participating companies. IPHCA’s 2014 Annual Leadership Conference will be an exciting opportunity to showcase your products and services to a diverse and receptive audience.

  • About Health Centers: Hiring Our Nations Veterans Video?

    NACHC released a new video highlighting Community Health Centers’ efforts to recruit more veterans.

  • We have a New Calendar?

    Trainings, Webinars, Committee Meetings, Conference and more! Read More»

  • About the O&E Interest Group?

    The IPHCA Outreach & Enrollment (O/E) staff works to provide assistance to health centers on issues surrounding Outreach and Enrollment expectations and funding.

  • There is a New Access Point Available?

    Health Center New Access Point Grant Application Technical Assistance 
    Due dates August 20 and October 7, 2014. 
    Read More»

  • NACHC’s Campaign for CHCs?

    Visit NACHC to learn more and obtain widgets to post on your CHC’s homepage.

  • About IPHCA Member Services?

    Are you an IPHCA Member? Take advantage of one of IPHCA’s many member services.

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