Risk Management

Risk management is a system of policies designed to reduce liability with “structured common sense.” This approach to risk management can apply to everything a health center does, from its daily operations to managing medical malpractice exposure and more.

Having a Risk Management Mindset

The most workable approach often is to keep it simple.

Risk management should be a broad-based effort and involve everyone, particularly administration, supervisory staff and the health center’s physicians.

Responsibilities should be clear. Everyone should be educated about the risk management process and its application to their jobs.

Effective performance should be rewarded and inadequate performance should be identified and corrected and even sanctioned if necessary.

The management team should regularly report to the health center’s Board of Directors concerning risk management issues.

Risk Management resources are provided free to health centers by ECRI on behalf of the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA).  Information provided by ECRI is intended as a guidance to be used consistent with the internal needs of each organization.  The ECRI information is not to be viewed as required by ECRI or HRSA.

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Compliance and Risk Management Committee

One of the ways the Illinois Primary Health Care Association provides the highest quality services to IPHCA members is through the Compliance and Risk Management Committee.

Below are links to various HRSA and third party websites that are open to the general public and which contain valuable information.

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