United by a Bold Mission

We leverage our expertise to educate, empower and advocate for Illinois’ community health centers so every person and community across the state can access the cutting-edge, compassionate care they need to thrive.

Our Pillars


Position health centers as the highest standard of care and provide them with the tools they—and their patients—need to take charge of their futures.


Help health centers stay at the forefront of industry insights and guide legislators, policymakers and the public to a holistic understanding of CHCs.


Champion policies that support health centers and patient health across Illinois and the nation.


Bring together providers, administrators, legislators, policymakers and businesses to share ideas and resources that elevate care.

We’re More Than a Health Care Network

Our members include health centers from across the state, businesses, non-profits and an array of allied organizations. These members form vital connections, working together to provide cutting-edge care for all our communities.

IPHCA positions its members to be the providers of choice within the communities they serve through advocacy, education, and technical assistance emphasizing the high quality, accessible and integrated health center model of care.

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