Outreach + Enrollment

IPHCA offers several ways to augment your organization’s reach and increase engagement.

What is Outreach + Enrollment?

​In the realm of healthcare, “outreach” defines purposeful initiatives to engage individuals and communities with their health benefits. It involves raising awareness about healthcare services through strategic communication, community events, and educational programs. Conversely, “enrollment” refers to the process of registering individuals for the aforementioned benefits. Together, these measures form an integral part of the healthcare landscape, fostering improved accessibility, heightened awareness, and the equitable distribution of healthcare resources. At IPHCA, this is an integral pillar of our mission, and here can be found resources to help further that cause.​


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Ethical Outreach / Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is a cornerstone in the realm of healthcare O&E, embodying a commitment to understanding and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds. Recognizing and valuing these differences not only enhances communication but also fosters trust. Upholding ethical standards ensures that individuals are approached with transparency, dignity, and fairness. By intertwining cultural competence with ethical considerations, we create an inclusive healthcare environment where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued. This approach contributes to building strong, lasting connections within the diverse tapestry of our communities. Below, you’ll find our curated resources provided for you and your organization’s commitment to cultural competence and ethical outreach.

CLAS Standards 

Cultural Competence Assessment  

Translation Toolkit (translation services from members)

Cultural Competence and Technical Assistance Manual

How to Maintain & Strengthen Patient Relationships

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the significance of maintaining relationships forged through outreach and enrollment cannot be emphasized enough. Beyond the initial connection, sustained relationships foster trust, continuity, and a foundation for ongoing support. By nurturing these ties, assisters in healthcare can better understand the evolving needs of individuals and communities, allowing for personalized and impactful support. Patient relationships, even outside of direct medical care, are a consideration that remains important for promoting effective health benefits education.

Bedside Manner and Appropriate Patient Centered Care 

CMS Communication with Patients Fact Sheet  

Navigating Telehealth Visits – Guide

Developing a Network of Care

With the alternating needs of healthcare from patient to patient, the importance of health centers developing a network of care cannot be overstated. By fostering strong relationships with various healthcare providers, specialists, and community resources, health centers ensure a comprehensive and seamless continuum of care for patients.  Outreach and enrollment are collaborative efforts made easier by connecting with your community. Provided are resources to help you do just that, with IPHCA being the first connection in your network. 

Article: The Pros of Developing a Network of Care 

Steps to Developing a Network of Care 

Networks of Care for Maternal and Newborn Health

For more information, please contact Paula Campbell, Director of Health Equity + Emergency Preparedness Response