Data & Research

IPHCA’s Data & Research staff perform various information gathering, aggregating, formatting and sharing of data with IPHCA members and the general public for the purposes of business intelligence, marketplace analysis, advocacy and grant development, including the needs analysis section of the application to obtain federal grant funding under Section 330 of the Public Health Services Act.

Some data are collected from member community health centers and analyzed to produce “benchmark” reports which allows each to compare their own performance with that of their peers. In addition, data are collected from a wide variety of other sources and organized in a convenient, easily accessible manner to assist members in the complex and challenging tasks of practice management, grant applications and more.


Multiple data resources with state and national level statistics are available at the Facts & Figures webpage.

Reports & Research

  • Economic Engine Report 2015 - 2017
    The Economic Engine Report is a summary of the direct economic impact that health center revenues, expenditures and payroll have on the state of Illinois. In addition to the “traditional” health care model, community health centers in Illinois provide training and employment opportunities for significant numbers of local residents, creating a foundation for local economic investment and stability. The economic impact is analyzed using IMPLAN Group, LLC, IMPLAN System (Data and Software).
  • Financial Benchmark Report FY 2010 to FY 2014 (Members Only)
    IPHCA prepares a periodic Financial Benchmark Report that contains financial ratio analysis from the annual financial audits of its member community health centers (CHCs). The ratios to be analyzed are determined by the membership and the trend analysis look at trends experienced by CHCs over the previous five years.
  • Illinois CHC Demographic and Revenue Sources
    These charts show the growth of Illinois health centers since 2006 –2018, as well as a breakdown of patient demographics, including ethnicity, insurance and income level. IPHCA member income sources is also included.

  • Nominal Fee Survey-February 2013 (Members Only)


Other reports available to IPHCA participating members

  • Annual Salary Survey

  • Clinical Operations Survey


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