Student Training Opportunities

Student Rotations:
IPHCA staff will use their expertise and experience in working with health professions training programs, students and health centers to facilitate student placements for potential rotations. Rotations cannot be guaranteed. We will work with National Health Service Corps and Illinois Department of Public Health Scholars to try to facilitate their placements at appropriate sites. We encourage students to contact us at least three months in advance of their desired rotation date.

Student training and rotation opportunities are available to health professions students at community health centers in both urban and rural settings.  While completing clinical rotations, students are exposed to multidisciplinary culturally diverse settings, public health issues impacting access to care, a unique patient population and clinic structure and exposure to future employment opportunities.  Training sites utilize experienced, knowledgeable, and well trained preceptors.

In addition to the traditional primary care rotation opportunities mentioned above, IPHCA also provides Community Health Research Elective opportunities to medical, dental and interested students from other disciplines. This type of rotation is set up with mutual collaboration between the student, IPHCA and the academic program. For additional information, please contact Ashley Colwell,

Health Professions Educational Programming:

IPHCA hosts their “Understanding and Serving America’s Underserved: An Introduction to Community Health Centers” program annually for health professions students. This program is open to medical, dental, nurse practitioner, physician assistant and behavioral health students. Students are exposed to topics such as: what is a community health center, who is underserved in America and why, special populations served at health centers, clinician perspectives of caring for underserved populations, cultural issues impacting patient care and scholarship and loan repayment programs. The program is held within a Chicago area Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and speakers include FQHC leaders and other experts. For more information about this program please contact Ashley Colwell, Applications are accepted from January-March.

IPHCA Internship Opportunities:

IPHCA offers internship opportunities to limited number of students interested in furthering their understanding of the primary care safety net, especially the federally qualified health centers. Preference is given to graduate and undergraduate students from public health and related disciplines. Students complete their required internship hours (200-300 hours depending on the program) at an IPHCA office location under supervision of a well-qualified and experienced IPHCA staff member.  Currently, IPHCA has memoranda of understanding with the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Public Health Program at the Benedictine University. For additional information, please contact Ashley Colwell,


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