Here to Help you Find the Right Person for the Job

Our clinician recruitment staff not only understand your mission, we share it as well. We provide complimentary recruitment services to our member CHCs through our Clinician Recruitment and Workforce Development service, allowing members to expand their reach and receive pre-screened CVs directly from IPHCA.

Disclaimer: IPHCA’s Clinical Recruitment Services are offered to health centers and candidates for employment as an administrative service only to further IPHCA’s mission of improving healthcare access in Medically Underserved Areas. IPHCA assumes no responsibility for the use or dissemination of any information or documents provided to it by any candidate, or for any disclosures made by IPHCA to any health centers or third parties in connection with IPHCA’s investigation of the qualifications of any candidate. IPHCA makes no warranties as to any candidate’s suitability for any available position, or any other representations or warranties in connection with its services. IPHCA shall have no responsibility for any employment decision made by any health center, nor the job performance of any candidate. By participating in this program, all health centers and candidates agree to the forgoing terms and further agree that in no event shall IPHCA be liable for any consequential, special or incidental damages.