Patient Engagement

HITEQ Webinars: Electronic Patient Engagement

In collaboration with Health Information Technology, Evaluation and Quality (HITEQ), IPHCA conducted two webinars around electronic patient engagement. The first webinar focused on electronic patient engagement strategies to improve colorectal cancer screening rates. The second webinar centered on electronic patient engagement strategies to improve diabetes outcomes. Both webinars were led by Nathan Botts, PhD, MSIS, of HITEQ Center.

Electronic Patient Engagement Strategies to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening
March 29, 2018

Opportunities to Improve Diabetes Outcomes through Electronic Patient Engagement
April 18, 2018


6 Steps to Creating a Culture of Person and Family Engagement - This toolkit provides practices with strategies to improving person and family engagement through creating a culture in the practice that emphasizes patient and family perspectives in order to improve quality of care.

“The Guide to Improving Patient Safety in Primary Care Settings by Engaging Patients and Families” – Guide created by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to help health professionals in primary care work together with patients and families in order to promote stronger engagement and improve care.

Special Edition: Workforce Engagement & Well-Being, Volume 1 – HRSA’s Primary Health Care Digest provides health centers with tools and Resources, including promising practices, to promote a health and engaged workforce. Volume 2

Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (ILHITREC) – 2019 Coordination of Care through Patient Engagement webinar recording.

Diabetes Best Practices Patient Engagement Toolkit

Diabetes Best Practices and Patient Engagement Toolkit - Informational Webinar 



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