Navigating the Toolkit

HPV vaccine toolkit is organized into three boxes for providing easy access to resources based on the target audience:

Box 1--- Provider & Allied Staff

Box 2--- Patient Resources

Box 3--- Strategies

The toolkit provides clinicians, allied staff and patients with resources to –

  • Increase the clinical understanding of the link between cervical cancer and HPV. 
  • Strengthen providers’ communication with patients.
  • Broaden the understanding of the health disparities and cultural differences associated with cervical cancer and HPV.
  • Increase understanding of the HPV vaccine at all levels: individual, healthcare provider, community/organizations and society (local, state and federal laws).

Below, there are readily accessible posters for downloading. At the bottom of the webpage, there are four videos of model clinical encounters in which providers demonstrate low-stress ways of recommending HPV vaccine based on it being necessary, safe, effective and valuable. These videos on HPV vaccine communication for providers that lasts around 12-minutes each has been created by Minnesota Department of Health.

Provider/Allied Staff
Posters for Print
Patient Resources
Handouts for Print
Communicating EFFECTIVENESS of HPV Vaccine
Communicating NECESSITY of HPV Vaccine
Communicating SAFETY of HPV Vaccine
Communicating VALUE of HPV Vaccine


HPV toolkit has been developed by IPHCA along with feedback from partners on the HPV grant: Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Ever Thrive IL, IL Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP), and IL Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP).


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