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Illinois Primary Health Care Association (IPHCA) member performances are based on Uniform Data System (UDS) quality indicators and its comparison with Healthy People 2020 (HP 2020) goals that were available. Community health centers (CHCs) reach populations that face the most burdens when accessing and maintaining health care. They have made admirable strides in bridging the gap between unaffordability and health care in this population group. However, with an influx of more patients through the Affordable Care Act and the existing burden of chronic diseases, health centers face multiple challenges. These include establishing continuity of care, need for culturally tailoring the services, transition to electronic health record (EHR) systems, shortage of a primary care workforce, resource constraints, and the challenge of navigating the Medicaid environment within the state. In the face of these challenges, there is a need for tracking performances against benchmarks and compilation of evidence-based guidelines and promising practices that are adaptable to primary care settings. 

The essential purpose of this document is to provide a resource for health centers that consists of not only evidence-based recommendations, but also includes promising practices from some of the best performing Introduction health centers. Therefore, this document provides a platform to generate discussions on how to overcome challenges and how to best adapt successful practices to primary care settings. It is important to remember health center characteristics such as the population group, location, revenue source, prevalence of diseases and availability of resources are varied, which might contribute to significant challenges for some. 

2017 Promising Practices

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2016 Promising Practices

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2015 Promising Practices

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