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IPHCA Health SourceTM  is a quarterly digital publication disseminated by the Illinois Primary Health Care Association (IPHCA). Each issue contains current articles on health care issues with regard to legislative and policy issues, clinician services, and other information of interest to the health care industry. In addition, IPHCA Health SourceTM  highlights the accomplishments of individual community health centers and contains career opportunity and calendar sections.


IPHCA Health Source 2020

IPHCA Health Source 2017
January Volume 20Number 1Download
February Volume 20Number 2Download
JuneVolume 20Number 3Download
SeptemberVolume 20Number 4Download
December Volume 20Number 5Download
IPHCA Health Source 2016
JanuaryVolume 19Number 1Download
FebruaryVolume 19Number 2Download
MarchVolume 19Number 3Download
AprilVolume 19Number 4Download
MayVolume 19Number 5 Download
JuneVolume 19Number 6Download
JulyVolume 19Number 7Download
August Volume 19Number 8Download
SeptemberVolume 19Number 9Download
OctoberVolume 19Number 10Download
NovemberVolume 19Number 11Download
December Volume 19Number 12Download
IPHCA Health Source 2015
JanuaryVolume 18Number 1
FebruaryVolume 18Number 2
MarchVolume 18Number 3
AprilVolume 18Number 4
May Volume 18Number 5
JuneVolume 18Number 6
JulyVolume 18Number 7
August Volume 18Number 8
SeptemberVolume 18Number 9
October Volume 18Number 10
NovemberVolume 18Number 11
DecemberVolume 18Number 12
IPHCA Health Source 2014
JanuaryVolume 17Number 1Download
February Volume 17Number 2Download
MarchVolume 17Number 3Download
AprilVolume 17Number 4Download
MayVolume 17Number 5Download
JuneVolume 17Number 6Download
July Volume 17Number 7Download
AugustVolume 17Number 8Download
SeptemberVolume 17Number 9Download
OctoberVolume 17Number 10Download
NovemberVolume 17Number 11Download
December Volume 17Number 12Download
IPHCA Health Source 2013
January Volume 16Number 01Download
February Volume 16Number 02Download
March Volume 16Number 03Download
AprilVolume 16Number 04Download
MayVolume 16Number 05Download
JuneVolume 16Number 06Download
July Volume 16Number 07Download
AugustVolume 16Number 08Download
SeptemberVolume 16Number 09Download
OctoberVolume 16Number 10Download
November/DecemberVolume 16Number 11Download
IPHCA Health Source 2012
JanuaryVolume 15Number 01Download
February Volume 15Number 02Download
MarchVolume 15Number 03Download
AprilVolume 15Number 04Download
MayVolume 15Number 05Download
JuneVolume 15Number 06Download
JulyVolume 15Number 07Download
AugustVolume 15Number 08Download
SeptemberVolume 15Number 09Download
OctoberVolume 15Number 10Download
NovemberVolume 15Number 11Download
DecemberVolume 15Number 12Download
IPHCA Health Source 2011
JanuaryVolume 14Number 01Download
FebruaryVolume 14Number 02Download
March Volume 14Number 03Download
April Volume 14Number 04Download
May Volume 14Number 05Download
JuneVolume 14Number 06Download
JulyVolume 14Number 07Download
AugustVolume 14Number 08Download
September Volume 14Number 09Download
October Volume 14Number 10Download
NovemberVolume 14Number 11Download
DecemberVolume 14Number 12Download
IPHCA Health Source 2010
JanuaryVolume 13Number 01Download
FebruaryVolume 13Number 02Download
March Volume 13Number 03Download
AprilVolume 13Number 04Download
MayVolume 13Number 05Download
JuneVolume 13Number 06Download
JulyVolume 13Number 07Download
AugustVolume 13Number 08Download
SeptemberVolume 13Number 9Download
OctoberVolume 13Number 10Download
NovemberVolume 13Number 11Download
DecemberVolume 13Number 12Download
IPHCA Health Source 2009
JanuaryVolume 12Number 01
FebruaryVolume 12Number 02
March Volume 12Number 03
AprilVolume 12Number 04
MayVolume 12Number 05
JuneVolume 12Number 06
JulyVolume 12Number 07
AugustVolume 12Number 08
SeptemberVolume 12Number 09
OctoberVolume 12Number 10
NovemberVolume 12Number 11
DecemberVolume 12Number 12
IPHCA Health Source 2008
JanuaryVolume 11Number 01
FebruaryVolume 11Number 02
MarchVolume 11Number 03
AprilVolume 11Number 04
MayVolume 11Number 05
June Volume 11Number 06
JulyVolume 11Number 07
AugustVolume 11Number 08
SeptemberVolume 11Number 09
OctoberVolume 11Number 10
NovemberVolume 11Number 11
DecemberVolume 11Number 12
IPHCA Health Source 2007
JanuaryVolume 10Number 01
FebruaryVolume 10Number 02
MarchVolume 10Number 03
AprilVolume 10Number 04
MayVolume 10Number 05
JuneVolume 10Number 06
JulyVolume 10Number 07
AugustVolume 10Number 08
SeptemberVolume 10Number 09
OctoberVolume 10Number 10
NovemberVolume 10Number 11
DecemberVolume 10Number 12


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