Group Purchasing

What is Group Purchasing? 

IPHCA's Primary Health Purchasing Alliance (PHPA) is an arrangement that leverages the purchasing power of IPHCA members, allowing them to save money on products and services they already use. IPHCA members can access products and services from affiliated vendors at no cost and with no volume requirements or limitations.

Medical and dental supplies, payroll processing, patient communications, pharmaceuticals, transcription/dictation and more.

How to Join as a PHPA Vendor: PHPA vendors are required to join IPHCA as a Business Member. In order to participate in the PHPA program, contact Jordan Powell at for a group purchasing agreement that must be completed and returned in addition to your Business Membership application and dues payment of $3,800.31. Upon receipt of these items, the IPHCA Bylaws and Membership Committee will review the application and make a recommendation to the IPHCA Board of Directors for approval.

How to Join as a PHPA Participant: IPHCA Members can access all vendors at no cost and with no volume requirements or limitations. To enroll, complete a simplGroup Purchasing Participation Agreement.


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