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Weekly Outreach and Enrollment Newsletter

The CMS Weekly Assister Newsletter is a great resource for O/E staff to stay up-to-date on information on health insurance marketplace changes, frequently asked questions, and general advice.To sign up, e-mail CACQuestions@cms.hhs.gov with the Subject line “Add to listserv.”

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Resources & Tools

Tools for Outreach


  • Enroll America Outreach Tool Kit
  • Outreach Planning 101
    This guide will help you get started on designing your outreach and public education campaign, by helping you identify ways conduct and evaluate your work, spread the word about the services that you provide and ways to track your efforts.
  • Outreach Planning 2.0
    This guide is designed to help you design your outreach plan, deepen your community efforts and strengthen your program evaluation.
  • How to Create an Outreach Work Plan
    Have you been wondering what an outreach plan actually looks like? This tool provides you with sample worksheets and a checklist to ensure that your plan is practical and successful.
  • Uninsured Outreach Mapping Tool 
    User guide and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Tools to Help Consumers Use Their Health Coverage

Tools to Help Consumers Use Their Health Coverage


  • How to Keep Your Marketplace Health Insurance
    Walks people through what they need to do to keep their insurance, including paying their premiums and telling the marketplace about life changes.
  • How to Use Your Health Insurance
    Explains the steps people should take to use their insurance to stay healthy and pay less for services.
  • From Coverage to Care"  toolkit has printable booklets, resource pages, and educational videos all designed to help the consumer understand how to use their health coverage.

Tools for Assisting Enrollment


Helping Consumers Know Their Options for Health Plans

Understanding the Requirement to Health Insurance

Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)


  • Special enrollment toolkit for young adults
  • The Young Invincibles has released a new toolkit of infographics that provide young adults with information about life changes that make them eligible to enroll in health insurance through the marketplace during a special enrollment period. We hope this great new resource will be helpful in your outreach efforts this summer

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