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The CMS Weekly Assister Newsletter is a great resource for O/E staff to stay up-to-date on information on health insurance marketplace changes, frequently asked questions, and general advice.To sign up, e-mail CACQuestions@cms.hhs.gov with the Subject line “Add to listserv.”

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Resources & Tools

2018 Assister Certification Training Resources

2018 Assister Certification Training Resources


Illinois Department of Insurance CAC certification requirements

Now is the time to make sure your organization and your team is compliant with the Illinois Department of Insurance CAC certification requirements.

Use the link to view an important webinar discussing the steps in certifying or recertifying your organization as a CAC as well as individual CAC certification and recertification. Staff from Illinois Department of Insurance/Get Covered Illinois presented information that will make the process easier. Recording can be found here.

1) New CAC Hire CertificationChecklist

All Certified Application Counselors (CAC) must receivecertification from theIllinois Department ofInsurance(DOI)priorto engagingin consumerassistance and enrollment activities. Pleaseseebelow foracomprehensive checklist of all requirements that an individual must fulfill in orderto receive certification as an Illinois Certified Application Counselor.

CompleteFederal Training through  MLMS

  • Federal TrainingInstructions           

Submityour certificateofcompletionofthefederal training and your 13-digit ID number.

•    Email: DOI.Licensing@illinois.gov; or

  • Fax: (217)557-8455

             Register through NIPR ($5 application fee applies)

2)      Existing CAC Recertification Checklist

All existing Certified Application Counselors (CAC) must complete the recertification requirements within 45 days of their expiration date. CACs who have not re-certified, within 45 days, MUST begin the process as a NEW Certified Application Counselor and should not continue enrollment activities until licensing is complete.

      Complete Federal Training:

      Submityour certificateofcompletionofthefederal training and your 13-digit ID number.

•    Email: DOI.Licensing@illinois.gov; or

  • Fax: (217)557-8455

      Register through NIPR ($5 application fee applies)

3)      CAC Organizations Renewal

            Organizational licenses must be renewed each year 2-3 weeks prior to the expiration date. To renew:

  • Go to www.nipr.com
  • IMPORTANT: If your Organizational Certification has expired you must apply on NIPR as a NEW organization. Once your org is expired you only process at NIPR as a NEW org. You don’t need to go to CMS and reapply. This is a state mandate only. The Federal mandate is a onetime registration with no annual re-certification process for orgs.


Please allow two weeks for processing. Certified Application Counselors canlook up their certification information on theDOIwebsite here. If you do not see your status updated after two weeks, please email Tommie Collier Tommie.Collier@illinois.gov to ensure all of the necessary information is on file. If you have any additional questions please contact Carol West, Carol.West@illinois.gov

Tools for Outreach

Marketplace 2018 Outreach Materials

One-Page Guide: A One-Page Guide to the Health Insurance Marketplace

Fact Sheet: Key Dates for the Health Insurance Marketplace

Brochure: The Health Insurance Marketplace

Postcard: Need health coverage?

Poster: Get Health Insurance for 2018!

Uninsured Outreach Mapping Tool 
User guide and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Tools to Help Consumers Use Their Health Coverage

Tools to Help Consumers Use Their Health Coverage


  • How to Keep Your Marketplace Health Insurance
    Walks people through what they need to do to keep their insurance, including paying their premiums and telling the marketplace about life changes.
  • How to Use Your Health Insurance
    Explains the steps people should take to use their insurance to stay healthy and pay less for services.
  • From Coverage to Care"  toolkit has printable booklets, resource pages, and educational videos all designed to help the consumer understand how to use their health coverage.

Tools for Assisting Enrollment


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Resource for Navigators
    Resource guide that helps navigators (or all assisters) answer questions about insurance reforms. Includes information on individuals with no coverage, individuals who currently have coverage or an offer of coverage from their employers, and coverage for small business owners.
  • Health Insurance Basics
    Information section on healthcare.gov that covers the basic element of the ACA and signing up for coverage.
  • Why Should I Have Health Coverage
    Includes a video and explains the importance of health insurance, how coverage works, etc.
  • Premium Estimates
    Not an application for the Marketplace. Provides an estimate calculator to determine what premiums might be for a consumer.
  • HRSA Outreach and Enrollment Technical Assistance 
    Resources provided by HRSA and BPHC (Bureau of Primary Health Care). Includes information about Technical Assistance (TA) calls, quarterly reports, recordings of previous calls etc.
  • CMS.gov    
    Main website for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Information includes regulations and guidance, research, statistics, outreach and education, and more.
  • CMS Materials for O/E
    Materials can be ordered from CMS at no cost at this link. CACs are also able to download the materials and print in-house.

Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)

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500 S. Ninth St., Springfield, IL 62701

IPHCA Chicago Office

542 S. Dearborn St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL  60605