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Oral Health Integration Toolkit
This tool kit has been developed as a resource to help health centers in understanding and effectively utilizing the Oral Health Implementation Guide, a document published by Qualis Health to aid in the oral health integration process. The Qualis Oral Health Implementation Guide offers a comprehensive guideline to achieve the vision of addressing oral health as a part of whole-person, patient-centered care. At the end of this tool kit (Appendix A), a checklist has been provided to guide you as you go through the integration process.

Health Center Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit serves as a resource to help educate health center advocates about Community Health Center and advocacy basics. The most important thing you can do as an advocate is to TAKE ACTION!

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Oral Health Program Start-Up Resources Toolkit
This toolkit provides resources that can be helpful for a Health Center or a Safety-Net organization that is considering starting up an oral health program.




Oral Health Integration Webinar Recordings Available

Clinical Best Practices to Improve the Oral Health of Individuals with Substance Use Disorders — Speakers identify ways that oral health and behavioral health professionals, as well as safety net health care systems, can integrate oral health into the care of patients with substance use disorders.

Before You Say Ahhhh...Integrating Oral Health and Behavioral Health in Primary Care Settings — Behavioral health care providers are increasingly called upon to fill new roles on the primary care team. These roles often call for mastery of knowledge and skills related to a variety of complex health issues, including oral health. As an integral component of overall health, oral health can have a significant impact on a client’s emotional and physical well-being.

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