Behavioral Health Discussion Group

IPHCA offers periodic meetings to provide opportunities for peer-to-peer networking among clinicians/members of IPHCA on behavioral health issues. The meetings are a venue to promote information sharing, learning, and networking among behavioral health clinicians, and other interested staff at member CHCs. In addition, through the discussions, participants assist IPHCA in identifying and addressing members’ needs as they relate to behavioral health information and resources.  

Following is a list of activities and action items that have resulted or are currently underway as a result of the Discussion Group deliberations:
Activities and Action Items
  • Information has been compiled to address coding and reimbursement questions and issues.
  • Various information and resources (e.g. integrated models, screening tools, training opportunities, etc.,) have been disseminated to discussion group members.  
  • The Discussion Group has identified a list of potential training topics for IPHCA members.
  • Discussion Group Participants are sharing their program and service models with other centers.

Behavioral Health Meeting Summaries

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